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Sunday, February 8, 2015


With Valentines Day, just a few days away, I thought I it was time to put my 'heart' into crafting and see what I could come up with for our side tables. When I create/craft, I work with a limited budget, and need to come up with things that I have around, rather than run out and buy. There are times when I have some money, here or there, and I will pick up a thing or two, thinking, well, I know I'll find something to do with these. I have been wanting apothecary jars for a long, long time. I never have enough money all at once to purchase them.  I live in hope. I was at the Dollar Store when it dawned on me that I could make two glass pillars suffice for the time being and probably would not have to invest in the fillings. I would have loved to fill them up with conversation hearts, but my mind wasn't on this when I was at the $Store. Looking around, I realized, I have paper, white, pink, red and purple paper that I shredded. I filled the pillars with layers of color and then put the hearts on the stick into the filler. They begged for something more. I had made a papertowel rose for #VivaVantage on #Crowdtap and it looked pretty good in the center. I used a bit of powder rouse on each rose to give it a pinky edge. The finished tabletop below.

                                       HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! MY FRIENDS

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