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Friday, November 6, 2015


This is an amazing ring!  The setting is gorgeous.  It is a simple solid circle meeting at a few milligrams apart where a glorious diamond fills that whole.  It is elegant. It is simple. It is gorgeous.  I got this ring at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.  Beverly  Jewelers design all sorts ring settings and other jewelry.          


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Singing Bowls and Tingsha Bells



  To Listen to Singing Bowls Click PlayAbove

 The above recording came from an anonymous donator to YouTube.

Singing Bowl and Tingsha Bells


Singing bowls (also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls or Himalayan singing bowls, rin gongs, Himalayan bowls or suzu gongs) are a type of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell. Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting. and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound. "The sounds are characterized by a fundamental frequency (first harmonic) and usually two audible harmonic overtones (second and third harmonic)" Wikipedia


 Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being and healing. Singing bowls were made throughout Asia, especially Nepal, China and Japan. They are closely related to decorative bells made along the silk road from the Near East to Western Asia. Today they are made in Nepal, India, Japan, China and Korea.


 Listening to singing bowls is a form of meditation. You will listen piano music, classical music, nature and ocean sounds, birds singing, rain sound and all the universal ways to relax, meditate and clean the mind.  

The singing bowl that I received came from Nepal and is made of a mixture of copper and brass and delicately decorated around the rim. It has beautiful, intricate cutting and imprints in and outside of the bowl. It comes with a soft donut, silk cushion on which it rests.  You can get this marvelous bowl at http://www.amazon.com/Tibetan-Singing-Bowl-Set-Meditation/dp/B00XEV4WYM/ref=pd_sim_267_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0SRZF0P16C54DG2BNQN6


                               Singing Bowl Rest



The mallet is used to raise the sound of the bowl by running the mallet around on the rim of the bowl, firmly, but gently. The mallet is made of wood. The singing bowl is a rendition of the bowls made long ago. It is one of the finest singing bowls that I have seen, felt and played and listened to.  As I listened to the tones of the bowl, I found my muscles give a relaxing quiver in the areas of my arthritis.  It was as if they responded to the sounds on their own.  I became very relaxed and comfortable and sleepy.  I am amazed, and can see this becoming part of my meditation.

TheTingsha Bells


 The Tingsha Bells or Tibetan Bells are also made of copper and brass. They are held by the cord and the metal allowed to touch each other which makes a light ringing sound. The Bells, like the bowls are used for healing, meditation, and restorative well being. They are decorative embellishments on the tops of the bell. 

 The bells are a rendition of the ancient Tingsha bells of the past. They are some of the finest bells I have ever seen. The sounds are clear, crisp and haunting. They are used to help relax the listener and indeed they do. I found myself extremely relaxed and in half sleep listening to them gently ring. You can get a set of these marvelous bells at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y81POIK?redirect=true&ref_=cfb_at_prodpg

Having the bowl and the bells are a dream come true. My son and I used to go to a store that sold items from artisans all over the world. The storekeeper showed us how to play the singing bowls and the bells. I knew then there was something very intriguing about the bells.

  I received my Singing Bowls and Tingsha Bells for free or a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own.

Video from You Tube: Meditation Singing Bowls

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Calibre Reacher Grabber
  You could say I am a connoisseur of grabbers, so to speak. I am handicapped and use a scooter, cannot bend or reach. I have had many grabbers which had to be replaced for one reason or another. One main reason is that the grip, the part you squeeze, that looks like a gun, hit the floor and cracked, or some mechanism inside the handle broke and could not be replaced. I have had grabbers that simply didn't grab. Why are they so expensive and break so easily?  This may be the end of buying grabbers for me.  I have bought my last grabber.

  It is the CALIBRE REACHER GRABBER PICKUP TOO made by Calibre Products Ltd.  The handle is not made of plastic but of a high grade mixture of rubber and plastic that makes it softer. It is better on the squeezing hand in that it does
pick up large objects of relative weight. You can pick up papers as well as slippery magazines as the grabber is made of the same rubber-like substance as the handle and that makes picking up slippery things much much easier! It length is approximately 32 inches and is just right for the things I need to reach. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CALIBRE REACHER GRABBER PICKUP TOOL

 I didn't need as much pressure to clamp it around whatever you are trying to pick up. If it falls and hits a hard floor, it does not shatter or crack. The same is true of the grabbing end or claw.  The claw is uniquely engineered to twist and turn when you put it gently out of the rod. You can turn it whichever direction you need.  Best of all, it is reasonably priced.

I received this grabber free in exchange for an honest review of the product.  This is my honest opinion.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Neoprene CrossFitKneeSleeve

Aches, Pains, Knee, Ankle, Arm, Back---WE ALL GOT 'EM

The school year takes its toll, so does summer break. We do things that are not what we do everyday and suddenly we have a muscle where we didn't have one before and it is hallmarking it presence with major, nagging pain.

Or we stand most of our day at school or bending over student desks. We go home and we feel it. Or, we go on summer break, and because we stopped doing whatever we do, those muscles decide to let it be known that they are not happy.

What to do? What to do so you can go on and enjoy life?  Try a Crossfit Neoprene Sleeve.  My husband who did alot of walking, hiking and such suddenly slowed down, mostly because I am in need of an operation. He doesn't want to go without me is his cry. Awww sweet, right?  Well he developed a "bakers knee" which is a lump or sore muscle on the back of the calve. It's very painful. 

When I saw and read about the knee sleeve, I thought why not give it a try?   I got it and gave it to him to wear. He was reluctant at first (you know how men can be) and he tried it at night. Then he wore it by day. His knee became much more

bearable. His limping went away. He said it feels fine most days, and days when it does not feel right, he wears the Crossfit Knee Sleeve. 

Now, I see he is wearing it on the arm that has been aching him.  Again, he wears it mostly at night. It immobilizes his aching arm, and he is able to get some good sleep. He says his arm is now feeling much better. He wore it like a knee brace, but only on his arm.

This neoprene Crossfit Knee Sleeve has been amazing.  I highly recommend using these sleeves if you are experiencing pain. BUT AFTER YOU SEE YOUR DOCTOR, which my husband did.  They may just be the answer for your aches, pains and such. My husband now swears by them.




Trendmarketing describes this Neoprene product as follows:

 NEOPRENE KNEE SLEEVE provides Knee support & Knee protection for WEIGHTLIFTING, RUNNING, CROSSFIT. Best for Intermediate to Pro-training. Tried and Tested by Pro Athletes. FDA & CE Approved KNEE BRACE 5MM THICK.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Sleeve fits either Right or left Knee. Unisex Design .

Size S & M

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE 5MM THICK NEOPRENE MATERIAL : Provides stability and compression support that you need to Squat more, Run longer and Jump farther. Maintains its flexibility even in varying temperatures due to its long lasting and durable neoprene material.
     MAXIMUM COMFORT FITS PERFECTLY AND WONT SLIDE DOWN : Wear them for your favorite workouts like CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Basketball for the extra support that this Knee Compression Sleeve provides as you exercise without feeling its presence even underneath your clothes.
     COMPLETE KNEE SUPPORT FOR COMPLEX KNEE MOVEMENTS & FITNESS REGIMES : Best knee brace sleeve for CrossFit, Basketball, Box jump, Double under, Weighttraining, Squats, Running, Long hours Trekking, Cycling and Lot more Sports and Activities
     ULTIMATE PROTECTION AND BETTER DESIGN : This orthopedic knee support sleeve offers additional compression that protects your Knees from injury and aids quick recovery. FDA and CE approved. Unisex design fits all.

Attention : Intermediate to advance athletes you need extra support that the REPGOD knee sleeve provides, it does help to hold the entire knee in place and prevents injury.

*Our customers have rated us 5 stars for the quality and the affordability that we provide on these sleeves.

Knee injury is the most common injury among CrossFit, Strongman, Weight training and Running athletes.

Lifting progressively heavier, literally grinds the kneecap onto itself. This is often the cause of progressive tendonitis... An injury like this will end your career don't take that chance.
Don't let injury put your career or passion for the sport set you back!!!
Are you looking for a perfect solution to protect your Knees and improve performance in your current sport? Then don't look back REPGOD Knee sleeves are professional grade and designed to fit most knees comfortably.

We have addressed the common issues that exists with sleeves available in the market:

-- Sleeve Material is very thin (2-4 MM thick) and does not provide complete knee support and protection.
--Sleeves slides up or down after long hours of use.
--The stitching around the sleeves are not tough enough to with stand multiple washes and Stability of the Sleeve.

REPGOD Sleeves are uniquely designed, tried and tested by professional athletes across CrossFit, Strongman and Weightlifting.

Size Chart:
Small = 30-34 cm
Medium = 34-38 cm
Large = 38-42 cm

-Measure circumference of the knee with your knee straight.
-If you are knee is between sizes we recommend a lower size for comfortable and Snug fit.
  • -Product sold as single piece and not as a pair.

If you are interested in trying a sleeve go to http://www.amazon.com/protection-WEIGHTLIFTING-Intermediate-Pro-training-Satisfaction/dp/B00U21XJDC/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1432328012&sr=8-9&keywords=knee+sleeve+for+weight+lifting

Try it for awhile and see if it helps you if even for a little while, so you can get some good sleep.

I was given this sleeve for free or a greatly reduced price in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Terry Treetop and the Little Bear by Tali Cami

Terry Treetop and the Little Bear by Tali Cami

Last month we met Terry Treetop as he helped a dolphin return to his mother. Terry learned all about dolphins and the work of a ranger and caring for animals.

This month, Terry Treetop is meeting a baby bear and learns all about the cub, his mother and how to help the little bear get back to his mother.  It is another great story by Tali Cami in which she entwines care into a story
about nature and about human nature.  A fantastic book to open discussion on caring for nature and caring for our friends.

Tali Cami writes a series of books on nature and character development for children. I love her books. They are so colorful, easily understood and loved by children of all ages.  If you have a difficult issue to address with children, I would look to Tali Cami's books first. 

 You can find this book on  http://www.amazon.com/children-books-habitats-adventure-education-ebook/dp/b00vgoz5ls/?tag=ebookpro0e-20
This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

42 Bees Slanted Tip Tweezers #b42giveaway


When crafting there are so many times when you could use a pair of tweezers, a good pair of tweezers:

threading a needle, picking up beads other other small objects, placing glue in the right place, or placing a jewel, getting hold of a thread to unravel, or catching one that you don't want to unravel, placing a screw and so much more.

I got a pair of tweezers from 42 Bees. #b42giveaway They have a slanted tip tweezers that is made of steel and works wonderfully well on crafts and on eyelashes and eyebrows. It also comes with a small comb for putting eyebrows in place. 

What is more, it comes with a strong plastic cylinder in which to keep it. So if you would like a pair of these tweezers, http://preview.tinyurl.com/kmmsadr for a preview and Amazon for a buy.

 Other details from the manufacturer:

Tweezers are a truly essential tool for personal grooming and first aid, and the quality of their design truly matters.
Ordinary tweezers are often too dull and thick to grip slender hairs, splinters and other items with ease, or they are pointed tweezers that are so sharp they can easily damage the skin or cause whatever you're pulling to break. Enter--42 Bees Slant Tip Tweezers!42 Bees Slant Tip Tweezers are professional tweezers with an innovative extra!
The uniquely designed end doubles as a wide-toothed comb that is perfect for shaping the brows. This way, you can get the absolute best results from our tweezers without having to reach for another tool as you pluck. The heads of our tweezers slant at the ideal angle to get close to the skin as you work, and they are sharpened to .4mm in thickness for control that no other eyebrow tweezers on the market today can offer.

Not just for shaping and sculpting the brows, 42 Bees Slant Tip Tweezers are the perfect precision tweezers for all types of tasks.
Their extra sharp points make them easy-to-use ingrown hair tweezers that will allow you to whisk away hairs without damaging the skin. Use them as first aid tweezers for removing ticks and splinters. With their revolutionary design and durable stainless steel construction, the tweezers are even ideal for hair removal from difficult-to-treat areas like nose hair, ear hair and hair along the bikini line. They even come in a PVC tube for sanitary safekeeping between uses your purse, or leave it on a table, the plastic cylinder will keep it from being....used, lifted, borrowed or stolen. lol You know how your tools take wings and fly.  Come on you know what I mean. lol

If you would like a pair of these tweezers, http://preview.tinyurl.com/kmmsadr for a preview and Amazon for a buy.

This pair of tweezers were given to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Very Healthy Spiral Slicer


I know that I covered this gadget before, but under another name, but it is worth a revisit from another seller.  Since receiving my first one, I have been using it everyday. The Very Healthy Vegetizer is the very same gadget as sold by the other seller, except that it come with different recipe books, a wallpaper and different ideas for uses.  One think that I have found is that I can use it to cut carbs in my diet. Instead of using noodles in my pasta dishes, I now replace them with spiraled vegetables! I have lost nine pounds. I can't swear it is the spiraled zucchini or squash, but in the last few weeks I have lost that weight.  The vegetizer has many uses and positive attributes. The seller lists them as follows:
 THE HEALTHIEST SUMMER GADGET OF 2015: With an abundance of summer vegetables coming into season (zucchini, squashes, cucumber, radishes and more), enjoy light and refreshing zucchini noodles as the perfect side dish or accompaniment to a summer BBQ mixed grill.
  • WORKS ON A VARIETY OF VEGETABLES: The Very Healthy Spiral Vegetable Slicer can make so much more than just zucchini noodles. You can use it as a carrot peeler, potato slicer, cucumber slicer, sweet potato cutter, radish cutter and basically a julienne peeler for just about any long straight vegetables.
  • FUN & EASY TO USE: No need to assemble, no batteries required. Simply pop in your vegetables and start twisting like a pencil sharpener. You'll be delighted at how easily and effortlessly this vegetable peeler produces perfectly beautiful long
    strands of vegetable noodles.
  • BUILT TO LAST: This is a premium quality vegetable cutter that will last you a lifetime. The body is made of high quality, durable plastic which provides quality, rigidity, toughness and elasticity, ideal for holding up against tough vegetables. The sturdy blades are fashioned from 100% Japanese stainless steel. It won't rust, break or lose sharpness. We've meticulously designed this kitchen tool to serve you for years and decades to come.
  • OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are so confident you are going to love your Very Healthy Spiral Slicer we are offering it with a 100% Worry Free LIFETIME Guarantee! If you have ANY problems with your Spiral Slicer FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT simply let us know and we will refund every penny of your purchase. So, try it Risk Free Today!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video Surgeon

VIDEO SURGEON #videosurgeon


No, no, its not another song by Weird Al Yankovic "like surgeon cutting for the very first time"song to Madonna's Like a Virgin. Sorry, It is a fantastic program that lets you edit your movies and videos, off YOUR cameras so they look absolutely, unquestionably PROFESSIONAL.  Teachers, you know what its like. You video the concert and there is some clown in the middle row making faces and signs, inappropriate enough that your video cannot be shown publicly without regret.  VIDEO SURGEON will let you delete those parts without anyone noticing. (except by, maybe, the student's parents who will be looking for him--you can use those cut parts to show the parents!)  Or the part of the musical where you're soloist suddenly squeaks flat notes born of nervousness.  You can find a way to 'fix' that with the help of Video Surgeon.  To have your videos fixed this way, it would cost you and your school (never in the budget) way too much money. But with Video Surgeon, it makes all these professional edits available at the fingertips  of your laptop or computer.  You can explore it and order it at http://shopping.videosurgeon.net/v2/order/ OR  YOU CAN WIN IT!  WIN IT WIN IT WIN IT!



Video Surgeon is the ultimate teaching and learning tool that can transform ordinary video footage into a valuable learning tool by harnessing the power of BOTH video motion analysis and playback review. Usually this kind of technology is reserved for professionals like golf and tennis pros, Olympic athletes, and of course professional sports teams. Video analysis is a staple of training programs used by the Pros. At a cost of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, these systems are a small price for such athletes and teams. Until now, the cost of such systems has put them out of the reach of the average consumer. Now you can have access to many of the same features used by the Pros - but at a fraction of the cost. Introducing,
Video Surgeon the video analysis software designed for the consumer. It allows user to slow down the video to 25% - or even slower by exporting and then re-opening file. You can also create looping areas and zoom in. When slow motion, zooming and looping are employed at the same time, you have a powerful tool to assist you in analyzing video and extracting and maximizing your learning potential.
At that's just the beginning, Video Surgeon enables you to do frame-by-frame review and analysis, it allows you to print video frames while zoomed in, it performs basic audio editing, and it can EXPORT changes creating a new video with slow motion zoom embedded in the new video. It also contains a video down loader, rips DVD's and can open files from most video cameras. Lastly, it contains a video down loader, it allows you to customize loops, and it changes the key of audio.
Golf, tennis, guitar, martial arts, yoga, harmonica, ping pong, yoyo, etc. - the list of endeavors is practically endless - all are activities that can benefit from - and be improved by video analysis. If you use video in your training, teaching, instructions, lessons, or learning Video Surgeon can be an enormously helpful tool. Get the frame-by-frame analysis you need to identify where you can improve your art, give yourself a competitive advantage, and set yourself on the path to true success Best of allit won't cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on this powerful piece of software!  You can buy it online or WIN IT HERE! DRAWING ON 

                       JUNE 22, 2015

WHAT YOU DO: It's 1, 2, 3

1.  Comment on this blog and don't forget to leave your email so that I can contact you when you win.

2.  Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/arlenepitts

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You will be contacted after June 22, 2015.

Good luck!  In the meantime, try to get that song out of your head, "like a surgeon"

          Two copies of this software was given to me. One for review and one for the giveaway in exchange for my review of this software.  All my comments are honest and all opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dough Dockers and Scrapers



                          WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?

It is a dough docker #doughdocker. Dough dockers pierce holes in the dough to add spaces for the flavors to seep into and through the dough. It makes the dough much tastier and crispier.  This dough docker is made by Orblue and sold http://www.amazon.com/Orblue-Pizza-Dough-Docker-High-Impact/dp/B00VRTHQBEhttp://www.amazon.com/Orblue-Pizza-Dough-Docker-High-Impact/dp/B00VRTHQBE I had the opportunity to test this dough docker. I had never had one before when I made pizza and never knew they existed until I saw this one.  As I rolled the docker across the dough it made about 30 little holes across the dough. I suppose you could do it with a fork, but this made it more uniform and FUN!  

It made all the difference in the world!  My white garlic sauce, soaked into the dough and could be tasted in every part of the pizza, top, underneath, in the toppings. Everyone ate the crust. Isn't that miracle.  People I never saw eat crust, now eat MY CRUST.  I did not change anything else, so it has to be the docker in the dough!



The dough was also so much more crispy than any dough I had ever made, and I don't think I will ever make pizza dough or the like doughs without it. 

Even Baby Eats the Crust!


Another great tool is a Pastry scraper. It makes cleaning up so much easier. It works wonderfully for cleaning up flour and scraping dough off a work space.


The #PastryScaper is also sold by Orblue and can be found on Amazon


It is made of stainless steel  and a durable plastic handle. With the flick of a wrist, the dough is cleared off the surface. Think how many times you clear the work surface when preparing cookies, cakes, pies for the holiday seasons.  It is a real time saver. It is now another tool I would not want to be without.  It can also be used for cutting bars or rolls of dough.  Dough and flour are not the limit. Used it for clearing cutting boards when cutting vegetables or fruit.  You will find yourself constantly finding uses for the Pastry Scraper.

These two gadgets were given to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review. My review is honest and all opinions stated here are my own after I tried the product.




Sunday, June 7, 2015


Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphin by Tali Cami



Teachers! Here is a book that teaches children about the environment, about dolphins, careers in the ocean, and empathy and caring. The book is:


Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphin authored by Tali Cami .  Terry Treetop is a series of books  with a different focus on character traits and values. Terry is a delightful little boy who loves to climb trees and ends up with a new vantage point on a new topic in each book.

In Terry Treetop Saver the Dolphin, Terry goes exploring by the ocean and happens upon a mother dolphin and her baby. Terry wants to get a bit closer look.  Instead of Terry getting closer, the baby swims over, only to become entangled fishing net! Terry spends the rest of the book helping "Dido" out of the net.  In that scenario, Terry learns about dolphins, rangers, the dangers of pollution, and helping animals.

Your students will learn those things as well and more. You must look into this series and give it a read. I guarantee your students will enjoy Terry and all he gets into. You can find these books at http://www.amazon.com/

This book was given to me as a gift for doing this review. This review is honest and opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Red and Blue Babushka Chess Set by Yellow Mountain


When I somethings, they hit me right in the heart.  They stun me and I can't forget them. So I must have them near me to look at and admire and just make me feel so darn happy.  I love Van Gogh's Sunflowers and adore Starry Night, I can't afford the original but I do have prints. 

Well I saw this absolutely beautiful chess set done in the traditional colors and designs of the Polish, Ukrain, Slovak peoples and I had to have it. It was made in Poland and imported by Yellow Mountain. In exchange for this review and the privilege of promoting it, they gave it to me as a gift.  I would have promoted it without them giving it to me. It deserves the public attention.  It is a fine example of how one persons skill in carving, building, painting goes to market and if seen, is sold and becomes that creative person's income Please do check out Yellow Mountain http://www.ymimports.com  Also sold on http://www.amazon.com/ymimports

The set is made of carefully carved birch. Light to the touch, but heavy enough for a professional chess player. Each piece is hand painted, the bottom red or blue to designate to whom the pieces belong.  The pawns look like a line of beautiful Matryoskas or nesting dolls, all sisters of the same family with beautiful eyes and delicately painted lashes.Their dresses are the traditional dresses of their homeland.
The knights are exquisitely designed with ears pieces every so gently at the correct angles.  They will delight children and amuse adults with the expressions of their nostrils.

The bishops have pointed hats that bishops sometimes wear. The rooks are like smoothly pointed wooden bullets  Oh and what you have been waiting for, the Kings and Queens.  The Queen is definitely direct relation to the pawns. She is beautiful, taller and dressed in royal attire with a thin gold ring around her head.  The King, unmistakeably the King, with gold pointed crown and a sword in his hand.


The Velveteen Chess Piece Beds

All of these exquisite pieces fit snugly in each of their own green velveteen beds. The case is as carefully crafted as each of the individual pieces. Just to have each piece, with its individual characteristics fit that snugly in place, required a person of high woodworking skill to do so. 



There are the professional markings of letters and numbers carved and varnished around the board the doubles as the case. The case is made of  light birch and beech each square placed exactly close to the other with pinpoint edging that makes one wonder if it was handmade or with lazor.  It's overall beauty and finish make you forget that point as you run your hand over the very smooth wood. You can smell the wonderful wood aroma as soon as you open the cardboard box in which it comes. The hinges are brass and the latches as well, but they set off like gold against the wood.

The entire set is marked as "Made in Poland" but Yellow Mountain says that they are made in the fashion of Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Slovakian tradition and they are. They are sure to please anyone of these and other close related countries.

It is my opinion, that this chess set is the beautiful, exquisite set made in its' countries traditional decoration.  I believe that this gorgeous set could be sold for more than Yellow Mountain is asking.  I want to thank Yellow Mountain for their generosity.  You must visit their website. http://www.ymimports.com http://www.ylimports.com Their chess sets and games can also be found on Amazon .http://www.amazon.com/




For more on the Yellow Mountain Imports, Babushka (Red and blue) Chess Set watch the above video.

This set was given to me in exchange for an honest review.  This is my own honest opinion.