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Friday, August 5, 2011

SNIFF Last Day My Craft Channel Cricut Giveaway!

Oh whoa is me! This is the last day of the cricut giveaway on My Craft Channel. I've become addicted to entering and fearful of the bummer it's going to be if I don't win the last cricut.  I've done my best to get the random picker's attention to choose me. I can only hope. Tweeting, blogging, posting, praying for a Cricut.

Well, tomorrow, I'll be back to scrapping, crafting, either way. I have been neglecting what this whole blog is about, seizing the day, to create! Carpe diem, to create, that will keep me happy and out of the dumps...but if i win, it will take my crafting to the elation level! Cross your fingers!

I have been working on my additional pages to my blog. I would like to design a header for each page, sewing, teaching etc. I have gotten the sewing header done, and I am trying to figure out, how to get that to work and be able to blog on it as well. If you have any tips, I'd love them. I'm just fumbling through this, successfully so far. Seize the day to create new pages for my blog!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


For 18 days I have been seeking the illusive Cricut, posting, blogging, tweeting, linking. Will my name be pulled in the next two days, God of Scrapbooking, i hope so. Why is having a cricut so important? It would help me beautifully process 1,000s of pics i have for my scrapbook. I could outfit my classroom and make some awesome projects with my kids. I would just pop to have one. Right now, I'm a scissors and paper person. I hope to move into this century!

My Craft Channel introduced Shelby Dredge as the host of Embellish It! and a tip a day on crafting and scrapbooking. I can't wait to see what all these talented hosts will bring! In any case I'm sure there will be many techniques offered to help seize the day to create! Carpe diem! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's the last few days of the My Craft Channel giveaway, and I am still waiting to see my name on the morning blog announcing my Cricut. lol I hope. Being disable has given me more time to do 'stuff' but less money to do so. Ironic. Used to have the means but not the time. Do things ever balance out? 

My Craft Channel has added a nameless Stamper host. Well needed by this teacher who only has stamped "good job" on her students papers. I have been meaning to google stamping and learn more. Why haven't I? I haven't had any crafting stamps. I bought some last month at Michaels for a dollar. The one's I love $15 to $20! from Hero Arts! They are worth it, and what I have seen people do with them, amazing.

I uploaded more pictures of my crafts to Flickr but did not see them in my slideshow on the blog. I'm hoping they are pending approval. I suppose there is another place or way to upload them so I am not limited on space. So today's goal is to go through the Blogger Tutorial and see what they say and find out what else I missed as I hit and missed my way through setting up my blog. I also need to find out how to get rid of the toolbox error messages decorating my blog. LOL Everytime I hear the ad on tv say, 'we can save you thousands of dollar setting up your blog or webspace' I am appeased with the no cost struggle. lol I am feeling better today. The legs, hips and arthritus taking a second row seat today. Who knows why, but it seems like its time to Seize the Day! Carpe diem to create!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MCC Update

My Craft Channel keeps adding hosts for their shows starting in September, 2011. The latest if Carolee McMullin and her daughters from http://www.adorneit.com They have a wide variety of crafts happening on their site from scrapbooking to embellished clothes and furniture. Me, I had a heart attack when I opened My Craft Channel and saw "Marie" being congratulated on winning a Cricut---but not this "Marie". Be still my heart. Maybe tomorrow? I can hope.

Finally adding pictures of my crafts tonight :) yay, the day I've dreamed of, sharing my 'stuff'. Let me know what you think! Thanks and carpe diem!