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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Craft Channel announces Craft Techie! Ana Cabrera

Checking with My Craft Channel to see if i won my cricut yet...nope, the site is still on hiatus but promises to announce winners today. Yesterday, they brought in Ana Cabrera, a crafter and a techie to the Craft Channel. If we are here on the net, we are all techies and crafters to a point! I'm looking forward to see what this gal will bring. Welcome Amy!

As for me, short on time, long on downloading my crafts. It will have to wait until Monday. I am heading out of town for a couple of days. Yay more pictures, more scrapbooking!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Craft Channel New Hosts Focus on Photography and Cricut Giveaway

My Craft Channel introduced two new hosts today, Amy Locurto and Angie Arthur of I Heart Faces. Amy and Angie will be providing thoughts, ideas and techniques on photography. I'm looking forward to their input as photography is a rather new pursuit of mine. I follow the Mortal Muses of the website of the same name. They provide daily challenges and inspiration which I follow to practice and focus on various elements and topics. Amy and Angie apparently focus on taking pictures that include faces. Angie also has a blog, The Arthur Clan, which is about her family. Will September come soon enough? That is the scheduled date that the Craft Channel begins.

The Cricut giveaway from MCC is apparently on hiatus for two days. No winners will be announced until Saturday. I still have great hopes of waking up and seeing my name in digital print as one of the winners. A Cricut would totally change my crafting allowing precision and speed to whatever it is I am doing. Fingers and toes, legs and arms crossed :)! 

Onto downloading, uploading my crafts to this new blog, and designing a birthday card for my son who turns 24 this week.  Happy Birthday Gabe! You are an inspiration with your life!  Carpe diem, seize the day to create!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Blog for My Craft Channel.com

My Craft Channel.com has announced another host who will demonstrate some crafting techniques come September, 2011. She is Amy Meeker of Second Sister Design. Amy has created a collection of unique jewelry pieces, earrings, necklaces, wrist cuffs and more. She has found a variety of beads and beading materials which she has cleverly made into lovely pieces which anyone would be proud to wear. Her work is inspirational. April is inspirational. She tells those who visit her site to "go and create something creative. Or if not creative, fulfilling.

I still have not uploaded all of my 'creations' on this blog, but will as I have some quiet time tomorrow.  In the meantime people, carpe diem, seize the day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am so excited to have this blog finally set up, as far as it is. I realize there is so much more to learn about blogs. I know I want to add pages for all my endeavors. I am a photographer, and I scrapbook my pictures. I love all sorts of crafts, and I am trying many different things. My recent endeavor has been jewelry. I have taken the free online class Jewelry 101 at http://www.spottedcanary.com, and I have been enjoying playing with the techniques they have provided.  Spotted Canary is a fun site and offers many how to's off and on. For example, I took the Decoden class and created a couple of pieces I hope to post here in my slide show. Perhaps a page on my decoden experience. Other pages I would like to add, as soon as I figure it out, lol, painting, cardmaking, drawing, sewing, writing, books I have read, movies I have seen, cooking i enjoy, and whatever else i may do.

My immediate pursuit has been of one of twenty cricut machines that are being given away at http://mycraftchannel.com . They are introducing 20 crafting hosts who will be sharing all sorts of crafting beginning in September.  They have introduced ten of their hosts already which means only ten more cricuts to go! I can't tell you how much I desire one of these machines that dye cut, emboss and probably do things I have never heard of!  One of the entries to win is to blog about their latest host being added to My Craft Channel.  So on the second day of my blog, I am happy to help My Craft Channel announce Angie Lucas and Wendy Sedley of Ella's Publishing, http://www.ellaspublishing.com as the newest hosts.

The other hosts introducted so far have been:  Kristine McKay, Founder of MCC, Stacy Julian of Photo Freedom, Kim Chistopherson and Kris Thurgood of DIY Dish, Christy Tomlinson of Art Redefined, Teresa Collins of Teresa Designs, Jennifer Hadfield, Beckie Ferrant and Heather Mann of Get A LIttle Creative, Britanny of One Charming Party, Heide Swapp, Create to Remember, Shelley and Cason Smiths of The House of Smiths, Amy Coon of The Paper Life, Kathy CanoMurillo of Crafty Chica.  That's alot of talent, and I am looking to September when the shows begin!  Go over to My Craft Channel and check out what all the excitement is about!

As for me, I plan to spend the rest of the evening uploading pictures of my creativity so that you can see that I am just an average person, learning and creating pieces that make me happy. Thank you for reading.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I looked all over my house, my computer, my office and realized, that my creative works were scattered all over my life. I realized that made it hard for me to see my accomplishments and even more difficult to share them with others for their critique and perhaps, dare I say, be their inspiration. I also realized that I would be more likely to make creativity a daily part of my life if I had a solid place to 'put' my creative endeavors.

Why create? Creating makes me happy. I feel useful, purposeful. If I don't do or don't accomplish anything else on any given day, if I create just one 'thing', I am likely to be happy, to have that lifesaver to buoy me through the night and journey to the next day, to 'seize the day', carpe diem, to create. Welcome to my world. Marie