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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Saint Patrick's Day Crafting

I have been working on St Patrick's Day Crafts and thought I'd share them with you.  I have been using my #Silhouette Portrait and cutting/assembling projects.

I made shamrock bands for my no flame candles and they looked awesome with the candle on.
I spread this cloth out on a side table in our dining room and framed a page of subway art which stood near the candles.

A center piece for our March dining table was a rather complicated piece from #Snapdragon Snippets, a designer of Silhouette America . When it came together, I fell in love with it. It is a little box card with a cute leprechaun popping out of a lucky box, covered with shamrocks.  I stored it in a separate box to keep it safe for next year.  I also pulled out my wreath from last year and too late realized the shamrocks were faded. It will need a redo before it gets packed away.   

Design by Snapdragon Snippets

St. Patrick's Day Wreath with Leprechaun Hats, Lucky Coins and Pots of Gold. 


I like to do my own ideas but sometimes doing the things done by #Silhouette America can spur a few ideas in my head. I am working on making a little leprechaun as a tabletop display.  Although the holiday is over, I will share that with you in an upcoming blog. In addition, I have more Silhouette paper crafts for St. Patrick's Day. I may let work on those as well just so I can be early for a change. Here's hoping!



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