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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video Surgeon

VIDEO SURGEON #videosurgeon


No, no, its not another song by Weird Al Yankovic "like surgeon cutting for the very first time"song to Madonna's Like a Virgin. Sorry, It is a fantastic program that lets you edit your movies and videos, off YOUR cameras so they look absolutely, unquestionably PROFESSIONAL.  Teachers, you know what its like. You video the concert and there is some clown in the middle row making faces and signs, inappropriate enough that your video cannot be shown publicly without regret.  VIDEO SURGEON will let you delete those parts without anyone noticing. (except by, maybe, the student's parents who will be looking for him--you can use those cut parts to show the parents!)  Or the part of the musical where you're soloist suddenly squeaks flat notes born of nervousness.  You can find a way to 'fix' that with the help of Video Surgeon.  To have your videos fixed this way, it would cost you and your school (never in the budget) way too much money. But with Video Surgeon, it makes all these professional edits available at the fingertips  of your laptop or computer.  You can explore it and order it at http://shopping.videosurgeon.net/v2/order/ OR  YOU CAN WIN IT!  WIN IT WIN IT WIN IT!



Video Surgeon is the ultimate teaching and learning tool that can transform ordinary video footage into a valuable learning tool by harnessing the power of BOTH video motion analysis and playback review. Usually this kind of technology is reserved for professionals like golf and tennis pros, Olympic athletes, and of course professional sports teams. Video analysis is a staple of training programs used by the Pros. At a cost of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, these systems are a small price for such athletes and teams. Until now, the cost of such systems has put them out of the reach of the average consumer. Now you can have access to many of the same features used by the Pros - but at a fraction of the cost. Introducing,
Video Surgeon the video analysis software designed for the consumer. It allows user to slow down the video to 25% - or even slower by exporting and then re-opening file. You can also create looping areas and zoom in. When slow motion, zooming and looping are employed at the same time, you have a powerful tool to assist you in analyzing video and extracting and maximizing your learning potential.
At that's just the beginning, Video Surgeon enables you to do frame-by-frame review and analysis, it allows you to print video frames while zoomed in, it performs basic audio editing, and it can EXPORT changes creating a new video with slow motion zoom embedded in the new video. It also contains a video down loader, rips DVD's and can open files from most video cameras. Lastly, it contains a video down loader, it allows you to customize loops, and it changes the key of audio.
Golf, tennis, guitar, martial arts, yoga, harmonica, ping pong, yoyo, etc. - the list of endeavors is practically endless - all are activities that can benefit from - and be improved by video analysis. If you use video in your training, teaching, instructions, lessons, or learning Video Surgeon can be an enormously helpful tool. Get the frame-by-frame analysis you need to identify where you can improve your art, give yourself a competitive advantage, and set yourself on the path to true success Best of allit won't cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on this powerful piece of software!  You can buy it online or WIN IT HERE! DRAWING ON 

                       JUNE 22, 2015

WHAT YOU DO: It's 1, 2, 3

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You will be contacted after June 22, 2015.

Good luck!  In the meantime, try to get that song out of your head, "like a surgeon"

          Two copies of this software was given to me. One for review and one for the giveaway in exchange for my review of this software.  All my comments are honest and all opinions are my own.

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