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Friday, August 5, 2011

SNIFF Last Day My Craft Channel Cricut Giveaway!

Oh whoa is me! This is the last day of the cricut giveaway on My Craft Channel. I've become addicted to entering and fearful of the bummer it's going to be if I don't win the last cricut.  I've done my best to get the random picker's attention to choose me. I can only hope. Tweeting, blogging, posting, praying for a Cricut.

Well, tomorrow, I'll be back to scrapping, crafting, either way. I have been neglecting what this whole blog is about, seizing the day, to create! Carpe diem, to create, that will keep me happy and out of the dumps...but if i win, it will take my crafting to the elation level! Cross your fingers!

I have been working on my additional pages to my blog. I would like to design a header for each page, sewing, teaching etc. I have gotten the sewing header done, and I am trying to figure out, how to get that to work and be able to blog on it as well. If you have any tips, I'd love them. I'm just fumbling through this, successfully so far. Seize the day to create new pages for my blog!

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