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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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I might be crazy, but I am obsessed with getting a paper die cutting/embossing machine. After seeing what they can do, cut or emboss much more precisely and quickly than I ever could by hand, I have desired one to the point of tears!

I'd run out and purchase one, but I'm on a very, very tight budget due to being put on disability because this teacher cannot walk or stand which seems to be a dire necessity in a primary age classroom of active children. One needs to be able to chase after or run away from energetic students! I was told it was temporary and I'm awaiting county authorization for an operation.That was two and a half years ago and this temporary tight budget feels like it is becoming permanent. This is where the diecut/embossing machine comes in.

I have so many ideas from things I would like to do in the classroom when i return, to ways to make a little living money by making jewelry, cards and other crafty things, things that would be so much easier made with a diecut/embossing machine like the Cuddlebug.  Here are two pins I made all by cutting by hand.

 I'd love an Expression II, but I'd settle for the Cuddlebug. I bought an embossing folder by Cuddlebug and I use a tablespoon to press the design onto cardstock to make greeting cards and edges. Really! It works, but it has to be pressed very hard, another thing that is becoming very difficult with the onset of arthritis in my arms and hands.

I don't mean to complain about my physical condition, but I mention it so that those who read it will recognize my need as well as my desire. In plain language, owning such a machine would greatly improve my life. After the mythological operation, I intend to return to the classroom and use the machine to create fun lessons that the kids can do without realizing they are learning. I also want to continue my scrapbooking, jewelry and other crafts.  That is why I CARPE DIEM, seize the day, to grab my chance at winning this tool from http://www.tipjunkie.com

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