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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost and a Chance to Win a Quick and Easy Christmas

They announced the winners on tipjunkie.com, and no where did it say my name. I'm an adult. I've lost many times before. I cried. Again. Then went on a search for all die cutting/embossing giveaways out there today. I looked at my hopeless budget. I am determined to get one somehow, and it looks like I will have to use my 'by hand' skills to do so, at least for now.  Carpe diem, I'm seizing the day to create and then sell my wares, me hopes. Guess what I'm going to buy first? I live in hope.

There is another Gooseberry Patch giveaway through Mandy's Recipe Box (http://www.mandysrecipebox.blogspot.com). The giveaway is for the book that started it all for me, Quick and Easy Christmas. I met Gooseberry Patch when I saw this book, and it's been love ever since! I won it and then, sadly, it got lost in the mail. sniff. So I will carpe diem, seize the day to try to win it again.   Come on Mandy's Recipe Box, random picking robot, pick me!

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