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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Pin
February 14, 2012, Valentine's Day has come and gone. Since not much else was happening that day (yes, I was one of those lonelies looking for something to do other than lamenting my lost roses and chocolates and diamond gifts. I seized that day and spent the time designing a Valentines Day pin, a gift for a friend and something for me to wear next year. I started with a heart cutout and traced it on several sheets of paper, pink, purple and lavender. Second I centered a heart-shaped jewel in the center of those hearts and supported the papers and jewel by pasting it on a cereal box cardboard heart shape cut with a frill scissor. I embellished the pin with glitter puff paints and added feathers. Last I added a self-stick pin to the back. If you like it, leave me a note. If you'd like me to make one for you, leave me a note and I will reply with the cost. If you'd like to make it yourself, go ahead Carpe Diem!!

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