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Monday, February 13, 2012


I started my blog as a way to share my interests and keep a journal of my progress.  My blog was to be a place to save my creations so that I would be able to look back, see my own progress, remind myself to "seize the day", "Carpe Diem!" or at least part of the day to take the time to draw on my left brain, or right brain, which ever it is. As I look my blog, it kind of turned into a place to bolster giveaway entries, which is not a bad thing. I did win quite a few things, neglected to follow up on that, not wanting to brag. Then, I totally neglected to write at all.  What is worse, I neglected to 'Carpe Diem" seize the day to create. While this sounds like a confession of failure, my absence was really getting wrapped up in a way to further my endeavors.

I ran into a site where I can actually earn the money I need to further my pursuits of crafts, photography, jewelry, etc.  The site is called Swagbucks. www.swagbucks.com . By doing what I do every day, search on the net, play games, take surveys, etc. They reward their members 'Swagbucks' of various demoninations.  The Swagbucks can be redeem for various prizes that vary from songs, to electronics to gift cards.  My reward of choice are the Amazon gift cards because they can buy the things I need. My plan is to buy a die cutting/embossing machine which is key in my craft pursuits. In the two months I have been a Swaggernaut, I have saved almost $50 in Amazon Gift Cards. I have not pursued all avenues of earning rewards. I hear that the fastest way to earn Swagbucks is through referrals. If people that I refer join, I will earn the same amount of Swagbucks as they do for my referral at least for awhile.

If you want to join Swagbucks, you can just follow this link http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/carpediem5790. I hope some of you will. It can give  you a nice little pot of gold by doing the same things you do everyday on the internet.  For me, Swagbucks has opened up a whole new world and is making a dream come true.  I can make my crafts by hand, but it will be allot quicker and accurate when I get my die cutting machine. My next step is to expand my Etsy account and begin to sell what I so enjoy creating.  (Etsy is a site where people sell their creations and services for a minimal cost of posting the item.  It like a worldwide consignment shop!! www.etsy.com I will post more on that experience as it happens.

Sooooo, what started out as a confession of where I have been and the failure I was feeling, is a revelation of a necessary step in the progress of realizing my dream.  Seize the day! Carpe Diem some days to access your progress. It's a good thing.

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