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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I took a little break and creativity, how does it happen for you?

When I started this blog, I promised, myself, that it would be daily. Well. It's not. I found I had to take time out to actually be creative.  At least I can say that is where I have been.

The My Craft Channel giveaways are over and NADA for me. I remain doing all my cutting by hand. I have decided though to open an account on Etsy as soon as I build up an inventory of things to sell, and proudly, that is what I have been doing, working on those things, pins, masks, jewelry.

My birthday was August 27. I got some craft supplies, scrapbook edges, beads, stamps, stampers nothing trendy, but I will use them. 

My middle of the night spontaneous ideas have returned. I love it when suddenly, I wake with an idea of something I want to draw, paint, construct, etc. Sometimes I sit on the side of the bed, and bango, it appears before my face in the darkness. Am I unusual in that?  I haven't heard anyone else speak of that. It does happen, usually when I'm not worried about anything or trying to solve something else.


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