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Monday, September 12, 2011


Okay another gap in posting. I have been spending time entering giveaways to try and win a cookbook from the Gooseberry Patch Recipe site. It is the most awesome site ever. They are able to convey the warmth, coziness of down home country life through their site, their cookbooks and their videos. www.gooseberrypatch.com . Turns out this week, I won their Tiny Tips Book Collection!!! I'm so excited I could pop! I also received their Comfort Foods book for my birthday. Nice.  Now Old House Kitchen is giving a chance to win the Big Book of Home Cooking. Though I meant my blog to be mostly creativity, I am again, using it to blog for an entry in this great giveaway!  I so hope to win this book. I have seen quite a few of the recipes, and if ever there was a Gooseberry Patch book for recipes, this IS IT. Their other books, just as awesome and also filled with country ambiance. Check it out, you won't be sorry except that you will want ALL their publications!!

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