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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I won! I won, I WON!!!

I keep posting about giveaways and I just realized, I have won a few too!  It all started on National Scrapbook Day of 2010 when submitting a scrapbook page in a contest at http://www.scrapbook.com I won a box of oodles of scrapbooking supplies. I entered because I didn't have very many supplies and thought, hmmm this may be fun. Not only did I win, I made a few good friends on that site with whom I continue to chat with.

 Then, last May, I won Quick and Easy Christmas by Gooseberry Patch from susieqtpies blog. I was so excited to have a Gooseberry Patch book. However, it never arrived, and when I inquired about tracking, my inquest was answered with susieqtpie telling me there was nothing that could be done, and that it had been lost in the mail. Sooo things happen.  I still want that book so very much. I'm sure it will come around with the holidays only three months away!

I also won Gooseberry Patch's new Tiny Tips Collection. It is a wonderful, cute collection of things to do to create a warm, cozy feel in your own home. You know, that warm, down home country feel you get when you go on Vickie and JoAnn's Gooseberry Patch site.  I could not believe winning two weeks ago and they have already arrived. I've been swimming in them and planning things for this house, to make it a home.

Now  you have a chance to 'win' this collection too. Gooseberry Patch is giving away $50 to a person who sends in their receipt proving they bought the collection.  See Gooseberry Patch for details.

I recently won another Gooseberry Patch book Recipes for Warming Hearts from The Country Cook.  Tina randomly choose my entry and was the first person to join my blog through Google Friend Connect. She assured me she is putting it in the mail asap. I can't wait, I'm in love, another Gooseberry Patch book.

I am hoping to win the big, Gooseberry Patch picture book, 101 Homestyle Favorites.  I have one more entry that I'm hoping on.

On my birthday, August 27, I received a gift, the Gooseberry Patch Book, Comfort Foods. What a thrill! That has got to be the most decadent of their books. If you have low bad cholesterol, this book may help raise it.  Tweet the recipes, literally, to your needs, but don't brush them off because of their richness.  So good. I haven't run into any I don't like.

Not only have I won books, but I won a wonderful, huge copper pot for holding a garden hose. I won it from Farmwives of America and Friends. They got it from Avant Garden, a unique place to buy one-of-a-kind garden items.

Isn't it wonderful and fun!!!! I love it!!

So next time you are sitting at your computer filling out form after form for giveaway entries and wondering why and if it really pays off....it does sometimes.  So if your spirit says, yes, I want that, seize the day, carpe diem and take a chance! You might win!! Speak of, I'm going to carpe diem and see if there are any other wins out there!

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