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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Craft Channel New Hosts Focus on Photography and Cricut Giveaway

My Craft Channel introduced two new hosts today, Amy Locurto and Angie Arthur of I Heart Faces. Amy and Angie will be providing thoughts, ideas and techniques on photography. I'm looking forward to their input as photography is a rather new pursuit of mine. I follow the Mortal Muses of the website of the same name. They provide daily challenges and inspiration which I follow to practice and focus on various elements and topics. Amy and Angie apparently focus on taking pictures that include faces. Angie also has a blog, The Arthur Clan, which is about her family. Will September come soon enough? That is the scheduled date that the Craft Channel begins.

The Cricut giveaway from MCC is apparently on hiatus for two days. No winners will be announced until Saturday. I still have great hopes of waking up and seeing my name in digital print as one of the winners. A Cricut would totally change my crafting allowing precision and speed to whatever it is I am doing. Fingers and toes, legs and arms crossed :)! 

Onto downloading, uploading my crafts to this new blog, and designing a birthday card for my son who turns 24 this week.  Happy Birthday Gabe! You are an inspiration with your life!  Carpe diem, seize the day to create!

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